Neil Anderson, he's on our side

A Firefighters Dedication

Neil Anderson is a firefighter, who puts his life on the line to help people. That commitment is what separates Neil from the typical politician. Neil understands public service is about helping people, not helping yourself. That’s why he’s refused to accept legislative pension and healthcare perks.

Top Priority: More Living Wage Jobs

Neil Anderson will keep working to rebuild our business climate and help employers add more jobs. He’s committed to promoting and protecting living wage jobs, so our families have financial security.

No to More Madigan Taxes and Reckless Spending

Neil Anderson will stand up and say “No More” to Mike Madigan’s reckless spending and mismanagement. It’s time we hold the line on taxes for working families.

Restoring Trust: Term Limits

Springfield is a magnet for influence peddlers pushing for bailouts and special perks. Neil supports term limits to reduce the power of insiders and restore trust in government.


To show your support for Neil text "ElectNeil" to 1-309-981-7661.

To request a yard sign text "YardSign" to 1-309-981-7661.

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